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by Andrew Mutch
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Over the past several years, I've created several tutorials that help describe ways to secure Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4 for use in the public library. These tutorials, developed from ideas presented on the Web4Lib discussion list, have been field-tested at a number of locations. If you can't find what you are looking for, let me know! This information was featured in Karen Schneider's April 2001 column in American Libraries.

You can also check out my collection of Browser Resources for help pages about Internet Explorer, K-Meleon and Mozilla/Netscape 6.

The Help Pages

Automatically Copy Preferences for Netscape 4.5+: Learn how to automatically copy over your preferences for Netscape 4.5+ when you can't set prefs.js to read-only. [Last Updated 5/18/2001]
Disabling the Short Cut Keys: Learn how to disable the short cut keys when running Netscape in Kiosk mode![Last Updated 7/28/1999]
Super Kiosk Mode: Learn how to run Netscape in Super Kiosk mode -- Netscape can not be closed with a mouse click in this mode![Last Updated 7/19/1999]
Lock-In by Web Address: Here's a free way to lock down Navigator to a restricted set of sites for web catalogs and on-line databases. [Last Updated 7/5/2001]
Kiosk Browser: Learn how to configure Navigator 4.x so that it can be run in kiosk mode. [Last Updated 3/20/2000]
Location Bar: Protect patron privacy and avoid staff headaches by automating the clearing of the location bar in Navigator 4.0. [Last Updated 5/18/2001]
Stop Access to the Preferences Menu: If you don't want anyone to access the preferences menu, this tip stops it from being opened. [Last Updated 3/30/2001]
Search Button: Change the Search Button on the Netscape Tool Bar to go to a URL of your choice.[Last Updated 5/18/2001]
My Netscape Button: Disable or change the URL of the My Netscape Button on the Netscape Tool Bar.[Last Updated 5/18/2001]

Related Resources

Can't find the answer you were looking for? Don't despair -- here are some more great resources that can help answer your question!
For Netscape Navigator
How to kill the Netscape Shop button - Instructions on how to remove the Shopping Bag from the toolbar in Communicator 4.7.
Exploiting Netscape Navigator - A detailed guide to really locking down Navigator.
Netscape Unofficial FAQ - A list of common problems and solutions related to a wide variety of Navigator issues.
Public Access Computer Security For Windows 95/98
Workstation Security - A comprehensive look at securing workstations in the public library environment.
Netscape Communicator Preferences - Tweak those preferences to your heart's content. You may want to browse the previous version if you are not familiar with how the preferences are set.
Netscape Communicator's Command-Line Options.

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Last Updated : May 6, 2002